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Never Married

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United Kingdom
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Black River
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5ft 11in ( 180cm )
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  Should i say that i am a very focused person in everything i do in life nor it is just my way of life? i may not be talking too much but i know that i have a lot to share in heart,i am family and professionally oriented,very simple and understanding person yet i am not perfect...i know that,and i do not expect a perfect person as a partner instead i want a simple honest woman to join me and we build happiness around us since one can not do it alone, i also know that marriage isn't all about fun and favour but it requires a lot of mitments mostly from heart,traditionally and emotionally to make it work.I think life would have been better if we were allowed to live as friends without any one being superior to each other including partners.discrimination shows how inhuman and ignorant we are as human.since God has made things easy and possible for us' we do not have right to put others down instead we should understand that we were lifted upper to help others e up.Life is beautiful when every body around you are living good and happy.I know that it is easier said than down but in my case i do practice daily in order to bring out the picture in my mind about how i want my life to be,it could be a torture and task but when you practice you could be e perfect even without knowing until you are informed by others.I am grateful to my lovely and expectful family who made it easier for us to understand how good it is to respect and accept people.we don't discriminate,we are one.

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28to 50
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Doesn't Matter
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Well,i don't think any one have the right to decide how others should be or behave but what we only have right to do is to change for others in order to achieve them as friends,relative or partner by understanding their mon simple needs. appreciate their existance and thought about life also encourage them to accept who they are. just a simple person who value her life and others. i wouldn't mind her profession and i am open to all religion.